The Best Kit and Batteries to Go with Your Solar Panel


Solar panels are useful in generating power from the sun and have a variety of uses. DIY solar kits help save money and can be used in a variety of applications and help control your dependency on traditional electric power sources.

DIY Solar Kits:

The ingenuity of the several DIY solar starter kit – AMAZON is that they are not intimidating as made out to be and have easy to follow instructions. These starter kits can be expanded according to your needs and budget.

These solar kits help harness the sun’s energy, but some may really be very expensive. The DIY solar starter kits – Amazon ensure that you get your basics right and reduce your need for traditional power sources.

Most starter kits come with a framed solar panel, solar charge controller, lighter socket with fuse holder, the necessary wiring and instruction manuals. An average 10watt solar kit can be used to power up small electronic items, battery chargers and LED lighting. In fact, the applications seem to be endless.

The ideal type of battery for solar storage:

Batteries that are useful for solar storage and applications must cope with irregular charging, unstable grid energy and heavy charging and discharging cycling.

Deep – cycle solar battery suitable for solar generator systems are lead batteries which have been used effectively in renewable energy and off-grid applications. Lead batteries are toxic, and their proper recycling is important.

There are the Lithium-ion batteries which are common storage units for deep-cycle solar battery suitable for solar generator systems. These batteries can last longer than the lead batteries and if they are organic batteries, they can be disposed easily because they are free of toxins. The inorganic batteries are toxic and should be disposed of carefully.

The Redox flow batteries are the latest storage option and the recycled vanadium in such batteries is not toxic and can be used repeatedly.

Speaking of deep cycle batteries, the vmax is small and efficient battery! because it lasts long, is safe and can hold up charge for a longer period when compared to the other battery choices in its range. Because of the efficiency of the charging quality, it can sustain you through rough weather conditions and designed to last.

Well, the flipside is that the Vmax should not be subjected to overcharging which will hamper its performance. So, it is best that a charge controller is used to keep it from overcharging.

This is one battery that is tough and does not have any battery spills. It is almost maintenance free and can be used in a variety of applications.


Solar energy is used effectively in many fields and deep cycle solar batteries seem to be the new generation energy storage units These units seem to be cost-effective, durable and are relatively low maintenance. The increased cycle life and efficiency make them popular choices and help users to reduce their dependence on regular electric supply.

Get A Virtual Reality Headset Today And Change Your Gaming Experience For Good!

Today technology has come a long way from looking at movies and playing games on a small screen, to experiencing them up close. To get a real time experience and transport yourself into your gaming world, you need a virtual reality headset.

How Do These Work

It is a headset that can be worn and is mounted with a display that provides separate image for each eye, so that you can view the whole image like you would do with your naked eyes. The headphones attached to it help in delivering effective stereo sound and is also built with a motion sensor. This sensor helps to change the direction of the images as you turn your head, ensuring you have a real time experience when you wear these headsets.

Your Options

Looking for a nice virtual reality headset to pair up with your gaming device, so that you can enjoy your favorite world like its real? You need to invest in a good headset that can not only produce excellent images but also high quality sounds. Here are three great options for you:


Vive is the VR headset by HTC. Released in 2015, this is HTC’s first attempt at VR headsets. The newest model is a slight modification to what was already sold in the market. It is smaller and lighter, hence easier and more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Vive produced by HTC

This new version can not only be used with your gaming devices, but can connect to your iPhones and android phones as well. This enables you to keep in touch with the outside world by letting you view your messages and alerts even when you are playing a game.

So, if you don’t want to be kept in the dark about your real world, when you are in your virtual world, shop for Vive produced by HTC!!

For Your iPhone 6 Plus

When you want a VR headset that can be used with your iPhone 6s, you must go through the numerous iPhone 6 plus – VR reviews 2016/2017. Gone are the days when you could use those VR headsets only with your gaming devices. The Vive from HTC and Oculus

Rift are couple of the well reputed VR headsets that are compatible with your smart phones.

This technology allows you to mount your iPhone on to your VR headset and play the games or watch videos in a much better manner. The motion sensors help to shift hthe images as per your movements, hence you will not know you are just wearing a headset. You will be completely transformed in to your virtual world and you can have this real time experience, anywhere and anytime as it is available at a pocket friendly price.

When it comes to reviews of these headsets, you might have come across negative reviews about the Oculus touch but mine Oculus Touch work fine. This is one great set to own as the image and sound quality is extremely good.

You don’t have to go to a movie theatre or any specific place to see the virtual world, up close. Just strap on your VR headset and leave the real world behind.

Choosing Cost Effective, High Performance DSLR Cameras

When it comes to the selection of DSLR cameras, there is always a debate going about which camera is superior and which one is not. Some people might have a generalized idea that a Fx (Full-Sized Sensor) format camera is better than the Dx format Camera. But it is all an individuals’ perception. The best photographs were once taken only by a pin hole camera. Hence, choosing a camera is completely based on one’s individual’s needs.

With more cameras entering the market each day, the process of selection becomes even more tough. To simplify the selection process, the selection of DSLR Cameras can be divided into 4 steps. With these simplified steps, it would be easier to select the one for you.

Step 1: What YOU want in a Camera

There might be lots of features added in a camera but they are all marketing strategies. Before buying a camera, take a step back and try to understand what you really want in a camera. Are you interested in action and sports? Are you interested in people’s faces and love to do portrait photography? Are you fascinated by nature and want to photograph landscapes? There are many such options. Once you know what your style is, then you can start evaluating the camera’s features.

Step 2: Study the Camera’s Features

Once you know your style, start knowing about the DSLR terms like megapixels, Image stabilization, sensors, buffer, ISO and many more. Having knowledge about these jargons will help you select the right one. One of the best ways is to read reviews about cameras before buying it. Say, you want to be a landscape photographer and prefer the Fx format DSLR camera, then you can read the reviews of some of the Fx cameras like the Pentax Full frame cameras.

Step 3: Get Ready to Buy One

Now that you know your needs and the general features of the DSLRs, it is time to choose one. But as there are numerous choices in the market and you are confused about what to buy as they have similar features, go through comparison reviews. Say, for example you have chosen Canon EOS 70D camera but still confused about your choice, there are EOS 70d review that compare it against other Cameras.

Step 4: Compare Prices

Competitors release cameras with the same features but at much lesser price. Hence, it is important to compare prices before buying one.

Other than these four steps, there are people, who are fans of a certain brand but still confused over buying a model. If you are a Nikon fan and so particular in buying a Nikon camera, read Nikon Reviews before buying the right one for you!

By following this 4-step process,

  • You get more knowledge on the camera based on your needs and it won’t be possible for the salesman to sell you the one that is not needed by you.
  • You can reduce your choice of selection to a few cameras.
  • You will be more confident and will select the right camera for years to come.

All about the Different Types of Microphone

Recording Music is not a simple affair. It involves the selection of good quality recording instruments to record the best sound possible. And the one that tops the list is the microphone. But wait! Before you run out and buy a bunch of microphones, you should have an idea about the different types of microphones and the variety of purposes it is used for. Here we are to help you understand what type of mics are there and what are they typically used for. For more Reviews, visit [website].

Polar Patterns

This characteristic show how microphones pick up sound (position for picking up sound and positions blocked).

Cardioid Microphone: Cardioid microphones capture sound only in the front and blocks sounds coming from other direction. It is the most suitable mic for live performance as the unwanted ambience sound is ignored and picks out sound from where it is pointed to. Other than live performances, it is also useful for loud instruments. It is important that this is mic is positioned correctly during performance.

Super and Hyper Cardioid Microphones: They have the same front directionality but has a narrow area of sensitivity.

OmniDirectional Microphone: They have no directionality and hence capture sound from all directions. Widely used in recording studios and church where the acoustics are great for multiple instrument performance. The only problem is their lack of background noise rejection.

The other types of microphones are the figure-8 microphones, Shotgun microphones and Multi-pattern microphones. Many of the USB condenser microphones have the multi-pattern feature to let the user switch between multiple patterns with the click of a switch. The blue yeti microphone – high quality USB microphone is one such example of great versatility.

Diaphragm Sizes

The vibration of diaphragms in the microphone converts sonic energy into electrical energy and there are 3 classifications based on its size. The size is what determines the sensitivity, internal noise level, sound pressure level handling and dynamic range.

Small Diaphragms or pencil mics are usually compact and light. These mics are also designed to be stiffer to make it handle sound pressure levels and wide dynamic range. But these mics are not good in handling the internal noise level and have low sensitivity.

Large Diaphragm mics can be handled more easily and give a more natural sound. That is the reason why they are preferred in recording studios. They are multipurpose mics and can be used to record anything.

Medium Diaphragm mics are modern mics that can handle both live and studio recordings. They are gaining reputation nowadays.

The 3 Main Microphones used in Music

The three types of microphones used in Music are the Dynamic, Condenser and Ribbon mics.

Dynamic Mics are very reliable as they have a moving coil magnetic diaphragm that capture sound even at high sound pressure levels. A favourite choice of mine Sennheiser e835 is an all-rounder Dynamic Cardioid microphone designed especially for speech and vocals. Find out more by reading reviews on it!

Condenser Mics are used where precision recording is required. They have a thin conductive diaphragm and as they use capacitance the sound quality in these mics are great. But care must be taken while handling these mics and you need phantom power to use this. Oktava mk-319 is the best choice in this type.

Ribbon mics are popular in the radio industry and are sensitive to higher frequencies. They capture higher notes with a vintage vibe.

There is no hard and fast rule to recording techniques. With experience, you will know better by experimenting more.

Take Astonishing Photographs with Holy Stone quadcopter

A few years back we may have been surprised to read about drones being used for snooping at the enemy and carrying out precision attacks on the enemy, especially these were used in Afghanistan. These were very useful in terrains that were very hard for humans to carry out attacks because it was mountainous area and had lots of hiding places.

The drones are unmanned aerial vehicles, but these are more or less smaller in size and may go undetected by the enemy. The earlier drones were designed more like planes that could carry a camera and were later advanced to every carry missiles. Nowadays drones are more popular and are used for civilian use as well.

The design of drones has advanced now and quadcopter drones are used these days. Quadcopters are nothing but helicopters with four rotors. The traditional drones which have a plane type of design and are still what is preferred by the military. However modern day drones that are used by kids as toys are more of the quadcopter design.

One might wonder why then are quadcopters so famous despite not much used in military; this is due to the fact that quadcopters are smaller in size, have good agility and have better power and precision control. Thus most of the toys are of this design. And with the world going digital, the digital cameras are being mounted on to drones for various purposes like wildlife photography, photography and taking videos of events like weddings and birthdays.

The biggest advantage that one gets from a drone is that it is possible to take photos from impossible height and angles compared to a normal human photographer. Thus drones and especially the quadcopters are becoming popular these days in photography.

Below are some of the quadcopters that are available in the market that are fitted with HD cameras

The holy stone quadcopter is one of the popular quadcopters available in the market today both as a toy and as a video camera that is fitted in it. If you have already done some research then your question might be how good is holy stone quadcopter master drone? J

You might have also read about eachine racer 250 review in the news. It is also one of the quadcopters that is fitted with HD camera.

There are also many accessories that come with such drone cameras; you might also ask does drone with gopro mount fitts well!? The answer is yes GoPro makes the camera fit well to the drones and is waterproof as well. Some of the usual drone accessories are propeller guards, extra propellers, extra batteries, carrying case and micro SD card.

One can buy drones, cameras and their accessories online itself. Thus there are low prices and cheap drones at the click of a button. Do a proper research and next time you go for a vacation don’t forget to take your drone camera and get ready to click great pictures. However have an eye on local laws and whether drones can be flown in or near some monuments or religious places or wherever in public place you are going to fly the drone.

Comparison Of Radar Detectors/Cheap Detectors

If you have ever received a speeding ticket you would know the importance of a radar detector. A good radar detector can warn you if there is a radar gun in the proximity. Remember however to choose the right radar detector and to mount it the right way. A good device would avoid false alarms and give accurate alerts. Here is a brief comparison of some of the popular radar detectors/cheap detectors.

If you are looking for a radar detector with great performance, one of the popular choices is cobra xrs 9370 [cheap and decent]. This comes with a fast sweep and thus an extended range of detection. There is the flexibility to choose the detection mode and thus reduce the chances of false alarms. It comes with Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology from Cobra. This compact radar detector device can detect several types of Radar guns even the instant-on ones. The European standard Radar Gun in the Ku band can be detected in the corresponding Ku-band detection mode. With a lot of added features, the xrs 9370 comes as a great value for money.

For more choices, compare the COBRA spx 7800bt vs COBRA XRS 9370 to understand which one might suit you better. The SPX 7800BT can effectively detect 7 common radar bands, six laser bands, and strobe alerts as well. The SPX 7800BT comes with OLED for the visual alerts. The SPX 7800BT comes with inbuilt Bluetooth module and this, when paired with your smartphone, can offer accurate radar detection alerts. The fact that it does not come with a GPS module might, however, be a downside for few. It can, however, work through your mobile GPS with the app.

Escort passport max 2 is another great selling model radar detector. The Escort Passport Max 2 can detect POP radar gun and three radar bands. Escort Passport Max 2 comes with both Bluetooth and GPS modules. As it already has a dedicated GPS device, you would not need a paired smartphone to find the red lights and cameras in the area. The fact that it comes with non-standard coiled power cord might sometimes be a turnoff for some people. It comes with a lot of features packed into the compact device.

Mine Escort redline review is a good READ and you will get an idea about another well-liked model from Escort. This model, however, unlike Passport Max 2 lacks a GPS module, so detecting the red light cameras would not be possible. You could use the smartphone app to share alerts. The device comes with twin antenna that can detect radar guns from longer distances. Ever since the model was released by Escort it has remained in the top charts of the best radar detectors for quite a long time. This is one of the most popular models when it comes to almost no false detections.

To decide on the right radar detector for you, decide first about the features you expect from the device and your budget. Comparing the specifications and choosing the right model is essential to help you avoid another speeding ticket.

Pocket Survival Knives That Fit Your Pockets Perfectly

Survival knives need not be necessarily big and huge in size; and they need not specifically come with monstrous blades. The purpose of any survival knife is to help a lost person in the jungle or a tough survivor of a serious disaster in all his needs. For this they need not be big or huge in their blade sizes. Even a smaller knife which is sharper than the bigger ones can work and function better than the others. Such knives are none other than the pocket knives. Pocket knives are a very versatile knife variety that can be used for anything ranging from cutting fruits to cutting throats. Such is the power of a pocket knife. Though they are small in size, they are very wise in helping the survivors better.

A pocket knife is a foldable knife that comes with different blade sizes all fitting into the handle which can easily fit all pockets. There are a number of knives present in a pocket knife and each one is of different shape and size. Each one is designed for a particular purpose and hence comes with different blade sizes. One among the best pocket knife`s review is about the benchmade 940 review which has proved its efficiency in both domestic and wild necessities. They are made to withstand all weather conditions and even a dip in the ocean will not damage or rust them. The materials used in their making are high-end steel and all the other materials are of premium quality.

It is important to follow few tips while buying a pocket knife which otherwise might best tactical folding knives land the user in a shock. There are many types of pocket knives and some of the top pocket knives that are in regular use by all types of people for all their purposes are:

* Spyderco Delica 4

* SOG Aegis

* Benchmade 275 BKSN

* Case Cutlery Black Trapper

* Ontario XM-2TS

Apart from these, zero tolerance 0350  knives are a kind of survival knives that are specially made in America and are considered one of the best in the world. These knives are made with high quality materials and are designed to stand strong in all situations. They are one of the finest tactical knives moving fast in today`s market. These knives can come in handy for both the hunters and the campers solving all their needs and requirements. If there is a shop dealing in survival kits and tools, it is definite to have these ZT knives too for they are the most popular ones.

Though there are many reviews and discussions about the survival pocket knives, the discussion is not complete without a detail about the kabar becker. This is a classic knife that is designed for survival as well as camp fire requirements, meaning both difficult and fun times. Though we say

that it tries to fit itself into all needs and requirements, a person will definitely have to look elsewhere if his requirements are fine chopping and thin slices for these bk2 fail in doing this.

3D Printing – Shape Up Your Thoughts

A lot has been discussed about 3D printers and their printing processes. Now it’s time to move a step ahead and learn the applications and their uses in the various industrial and professional set-ups which is capable of explaining their definition and meaning better. Anything displayed or done practically is better understood than what is being just told. And being practical is the need of the hour.

There are many people who are very innovative and creative in bringing in new creations into the society but most of them fail due to their inability to express or model them. Now these problems have a solution and they are the 3D printers. Think of something in the mind and give it to the 3D printer. It will in turn give a shape to your thoughts and ideas and explain them better without even a word from your mouth. This is the level of advancement and modernization.

These 3D printers are made affordable and usable by all cadres of people. They try to bring out the creativity in even small teams and clerical level employees and doing this at a very low cost level is really a revolution in the present day modern world. Again designing a particular object is a very difficult task which has been made simple by these 3D printers. It is easy to get your hands on the best of the lot as you can find the best 3D PRINTER ONLINE. They not only help in giving a form and shape to a person`s thoughts but also deliver quality outputs reducing the turnaround time which is generally high in manual designing.

What is it that is making this printing possible? They are nothing but the filaments in the printers that are responsible for creating the models. Basically there are two types of these filaments namely ABS and PLA. Both have advantages and disadvantages and their use depends upon the type of printer being used. There are many types in each one of these and the best ABS filaments are used majorly for mechanical purposes. PLA`s are known for their quality, flexibility and aesthetic sense in printing and for best results it is advisable to use the best PLA to print parts of an object to get a whole good quality picture. Be it any of these filaments, it is important that both of them are stored in dry, moisture- less place since they are easily prone to melting, warping etc.

If you thought 3d printers were a wonder; then you would be amazed with the wood 3d printer. Now what are these wood 3d printers? Is it really that wood is used by 3d printers to produce objects? Yes, that is the right way of defining a wood 3d printer. These printers use wood chips that are granular in form and brown in color. The object that comes as an output is slightly rough and sandy and looks porous. Wood chips form a best choice for making an object since they have the inter-locking quality and hence the final product is much better and clearer.

How To Buy Binoculars online

Online purchase is common nowadays, but one has to be careful while purchasing online. There are many not so genuine sites and there are also many not so genuine reviewers who hide the important facts. So don’t fall for the wrong words. Make sure you are on the right site to purchase your favourite binocular. Confused on how to buy binoculars online? Confused on how to choose a binocular? Note down the tips to buy your choice online.

* Review: The first thing one should look out for is a genuine site that does a neutral review. There are people who falsely praise a particular type of brand just for making money. A genuine review should have both the pros and cons of a binocular. Usually, professionals are the ones who do a genuine review. Look out for professional’s blogs and sites and they usually say which type or brand of binocular they used for star gazing, hunting and similar other uses. They may also have a review of binoculars that they use. This would give a better view than the ecommerce site and brand site reviews.

* Purpose: One should be clear on what type of binocular he wants to buy and for what purpose. There is no point in buying binoculars with a night vision when one is going on day safari or hunting. A hunting binocular would be more appropriate in this case. When you are keen on looking at the stars, go for the best binoculars for astronomy. Thus one has to be clear on what type of binocular is to be bought. This would filter out a part from the chosen list of binocular.

* Brand and parameters: The next step would be to narrow down the brand and the model. The first criteria would be the price range, if one is not bothered about the price then the choice is wider than one has to only look for the parameters they need. The parameters like aperture or magnification would matter. These are the main thing which says more about the purpose of buying. Then one should narrow down only 3 to 4 binoculars. This would help in effective buying.

* Comparison: Next step is to compare these 3 or 4 short listed ones; this can be done in many ecommerce web sites, where they provide comparison in columns based on each and every parameter. This makes a good study to zero in on the binocular to be bought. This is the best way to short down the list further.

* Review on the seller: Then a bit of review on the seller in the particular ecommerce site also matters. There have been cases where sellers cheat. So, ratings and reviews of buyers is also important. Then comes the shipping cost and discounts. These are usual for any ecommerce site.

Thus if you are going to buy binoculars with night vision then do a search on good night vision binocular reviews or if you like to watch on birds then restrict your search with birdie binoculars and then decide on where to buy binoculars.