Choosing Cost Effective, High Performance DSLR Cameras

When it comes to the selection of DSLR cameras, there is always a debate going about which camera is superior and which one is not. Some people might have a generalized idea that a Fx (Full-Sized Sensor) format camera is better than the Dx format Camera. But it is all an individuals’ perception. The best photographs were once taken only by a pin hole camera. Hence, choosing a camera is completely based on one’s individual’s needs.

With more cameras entering the market each day, the process of selection becomes even more tough. To simplify the selection process, the selection of DSLR Cameras can be divided into 4 steps. With these simplified steps, it would be easier to select the one for you.

Step 1: What YOU want in a Camera

There might be lots of features added in a camera but they are all marketing strategies. Before buying a camera, take a step back and try to understand what you really want in a camera. Are you interested in action and sports? Are you interested in people’s faces and love to do portrait photography? Are you fascinated by nature and want to photograph landscapes? There are many such options. Once you know what your style is, then you can start evaluating the camera’s features.

Step 2: Study the Camera’s Features

Once you know your style, start knowing about the DSLR terms like megapixels, Image stabilization, sensors, buffer, ISO and many more. Having knowledge about these jargons will help you select the right one. One of the best ways is to read reviews about cameras before buying it. Say, you want to be a landscape photographer and prefer the Fx format DSLR camera, then you can read the reviews of some of the Fx cameras like the Pentax Full frame cameras.

Step 3: Get Ready to Buy One

Now that you know your needs and the general features of the DSLRs, it is time to choose one. But as there are numerous choices in the market and you are confused about what to buy as they have similar features, go through comparison reviews. Say, for example you have chosen Canon EOS 70D camera but still confused about your choice, there are EOS 70d review that compare it against other Cameras.

Step 4: Compare Prices

Competitors release cameras with the same features but at much lesser price. Hence, it is important to compare prices before buying one.

Other than these four steps, there are people, who are fans of a certain brand but still confused over buying a model. If you are a Nikon fan and so particular in buying a Nikon camera, read Nikon Reviews before buying the right one for you!

By following this 4-step process,

  • You get more knowledge on the camera based on your needs and it won’t be possible for the salesman to sell you the one that is not needed by you.
  • You can reduce your choice of selection to a few cameras.
  • You will be more confident and will select the right camera for years to come.