The Best Kit and Batteries to Go with Your Solar Panel


Solar panels are useful in generating power from the sun and have a variety of uses. DIY solar kits help save money and can be used in a variety of applications and help control your dependency on traditional electric power sources.

DIY Solar Kits:

The ingenuity of the several DIY solar starter kit – AMAZON is that they are not intimidating as made out to be and have easy to follow instructions. These starter kits can be expanded according to your needs and budget.

These solar kits help harness the sun’s energy, but some may really be very expensive. The DIY solar starter kits – Amazon ensure that you get your basics right and reduce your need for traditional power sources.

Most starter kits come with a framed solar panel, solar charge controller, lighter socket with fuse holder, the necessary wiring and instruction manuals. An average 10watt solar kit can be used to power up small electronic items, battery chargers and LED lighting. In fact, the applications seem to be endless.

The ideal type of battery for solar storage:

Batteries that are useful for solar storage and applications must cope with irregular charging, unstable grid energy and heavy charging and discharging cycling.

Deep – cycle solar battery suitable for solar generator systems are lead batteries which have been used effectively in renewable energy and off-grid applications. Lead batteries are toxic, and their proper recycling is important.

There are the Lithium-ion batteries which are common storage units for deep-cycle solar battery suitable for solar generator systems. These batteries can last longer than the lead batteries and if they are organic batteries, they can be disposed easily because they are free of toxins. The inorganic batteries are toxic and should be disposed of carefully.

The Redox flow batteries are the latest storage option and the recycled vanadium in such batteries is not toxic and can be used repeatedly.

Speaking of deep cycle batteries, the vmax is small and efficient battery! because it lasts long, is safe and can hold up charge for a longer period when compared to the other battery choices in its range. Because of the efficiency of the charging quality, it can sustain you through rough weather conditions and designed to last.

Well, the flipside is that the Vmax should not be subjected to overcharging which will hamper its performance. So, it is best that a charge controller is used to keep it from overcharging.

This is one battery that is tough and does not have any battery spills. It is almost maintenance free and can be used in a variety of applications.


Solar energy is used effectively in many fields and deep cycle solar batteries seem to be the new generation energy storage units These units seem to be cost-effective, durable and are relatively low maintenance. The increased cycle life and efficiency make them popular choices and help users to reduce their dependence on regular electric supply.