Comparison Of Radar Detectors/Cheap Detectors

If you have ever received a speeding ticket you would know the importance of a radar detector. A good radar detector can warn you if there is a radar gun in the proximity. Remember however to choose the right radar detector and to mount it the right way. A good device would avoid false alarms and give accurate alerts. Here is a brief comparison of some of the popular radar detectors/cheap detectors.

If you are looking for a radar detector with great performance, one of the popular choices is cobra xrs 9370 [cheap and decent]. This comes with a fast sweep and thus an extended range of detection. There is the flexibility to choose the detection mode and thus reduce the chances of false alarms. It comes with Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology from Cobra. This compact radar detector device can detect several types of Radar guns even the instant-on ones. The European standard Radar Gun in the Ku band can be detected in the corresponding Ku-band detection mode. With a lot of added features, the xrs 9370 comes as a great value for money.

For more choices, compare the COBRA spx 7800bt vs COBRA XRS 9370 to understand which one might suit you better. The SPX 7800BT can effectively detect 7 common radar bands, six laser bands, and strobe alerts as well. The SPX 7800BT comes with OLED for the visual alerts. The SPX 7800BT comes with inbuilt Bluetooth module and this, when paired with your smartphone, can offer accurate radar detection alerts. The fact that it does not come with a GPS module might, however, be a downside for few. It can, however, work through your mobile GPS with the app.

Escort passport max 2 is another great selling model radar detector. The Escort Passport Max 2 can detect POP radar gun and three radar bands. Escort Passport Max 2 comes with both Bluetooth and GPS modules. As it already has a dedicated GPS device, you would not need a paired smartphone to find the red lights and cameras in the area. The fact that it comes with non-standard coiled power cord might sometimes be a turnoff for some people. It comes with a lot of features packed into the compact device.

Mine Escort redline review is a good READ and you will get an idea about another well-liked model from Escort. This model, however, unlike Passport Max 2 lacks a GPS module, so detecting the red light cameras would not be possible. You could use the smartphone app to share alerts. The device comes with twin antenna that can detect radar guns from longer distances. Ever since the model was released by Escort it has remained in the top charts of the best radar detectors for quite a long time. This is one of the most popular models when it comes to almost no false detections.

To decide on the right radar detector for you, decide first about the features you expect from the device and your budget. Comparing the specifications and choosing the right model is essential to help you avoid another speeding ticket.