Get A Virtual Reality Headset Today And Change Your Gaming Experience For Good!

Today technology has come a long way from looking at movies and playing games on a small screen, to experiencing them up close. To get a real time experience and transport yourself into your gaming world, you need a virtual reality headset.

How Do These Work

It is a headset that can be worn and is mounted with a display that provides separate image for each eye, so that you can view the whole image like you would do with your naked eyes. The headphones attached to it help in delivering effective stereo sound and is also built with a motion sensor. This sensor helps to change the direction of the images as you turn your head, ensuring you have a real time experience when you wear these headsets.

Your Options

Looking for a nice virtual reality headset to pair up with your gaming device, so that you can enjoy your favorite world like its real? You need to invest in a good headset that can not only produce excellent images but also high quality sounds. Here are three great options for you:


Vive is the VR headset by HTC. Released in 2015, this is HTC’s first attempt at VR headsets. The newest model is a slight modification to what was already sold in the market. It is smaller and lighter, hence easier and more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Vive produced by HTC

This new version can not only be used with your gaming devices, but can connect to your iPhones and android phones as well. This enables you to keep in touch with the outside world by letting you view your messages and alerts even when you are playing a game.

So, if you don’t want to be kept in the dark about your real world, when you are in your virtual world, shop for Vive produced by HTC!!

For Your iPhone 6 Plus

When you want a VR headset that can be used with your iPhone 6s, you must go through the numerous iPhone 6 plus – VR reviews 2016/2017. Gone are the days when you could use those VR headsets only with your gaming devices. The Vive from HTC and Oculus

Rift are couple of the well reputed VR headsets that are compatible with your smart phones.

This technology allows you to mount your iPhone on to your VR headset and play the games or watch videos in a much better manner. The motion sensors help to shift hthe images as per your movements, hence you will not know you are just wearing a headset. You will be completely transformed in to your virtual world and you can have this real time experience, anywhere and anytime as it is available at a pocket friendly price.

When it comes to reviews of these headsets, you might have come across negative reviews about the Oculus touch but mine Oculus Touch work fine. This is one great set to own as the image and sound quality is extremely good.

You don’t have to go to a movie theatre or any specific place to see the virtual world, up close. Just strap on your VR headset and leave the real world behind.